Thursday, November 27 - Monday, December 1

Give a free coaster to a friend with every purchase

The giving season is in full swing, and we'd like to help you out by giving you a gift to give to someone special. With every Coastermatic purchase, you'll be able to send a giftcode good for 1 coaster with US shipping to a friend. 

How does it work? It's pretty easy.
After checkout, you'll see a pop up that asks for your friend's name and email, as well as yours - so we can let them know who thinks their special. Once you hit send, our robots send a quick note to your friend, and cc you. That note includes a code and link back to this page, where they can log in with Instagram and pick out an image they love. 

What if they don't have Instagram or live overseas?
They can use the code for $6 off any full priced set. For those without Instagram, we have a few packaged sets to chose from. 

Sounds great, I'm in!
Cool! You can start a set of your own, pick from one of our packaged sets, or grab a gift card for someone.




Someone loves me, and sent me a coaster!


Redeem my free coaster


Tis the season for sharing, and we're happy to share with you! The button above will take you to a login page for Instagram. Simply enter your details, and we'll pull up your Instagram images so you can pick one. Once you're done shopping, you'll be able to enter the code from your email into the Discount Code area in your Order Summary at checkout. It gives you $6 off your purchase. 

I don't have Instagram!
That's cool - we've got a few packaged sets we like a lot. If you like them too, you can use your code for $6 off one of those sets.

I'm not in the US!
You can use the code for $6 off a set too.