How long do the coasters take to arrive?

We are currently experiencing some slight delays in production due to the COVID-19 pandemic and slower than normal postal services. For US customers, you can expect to receive your coasters in 10-14 business days. We ship from the middle of the US, so the closer you are, the quicker.

Do you accept international orders?

Sure do.

How much is shipping?

Shipping in the USA is $6. Overseas shipping starts at $18. Need more info?

Where are the coasters made?

The coasters a manufactured, printed, and shipped from the heart of the USA.

Do you do wholesale or bulk orders?

Yes, we do! Drop us a line on our wholesale page and we'll get you all the info.

I want to use my friends images to give Coastermatic as a gift

Sadly, we are only able to print images from and account you can login with. You know, privacy and all that.

Can I email you my images?

Sorry, no. At the moment we only accept images from Instagram accounts.

They're so absorbent...what happens if I get coffee on them? 

You can clean them with an exciting mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Cleaning instructions can be found here. Science!

What is the print quality like?

We digitally print onto stone using a inkjet process. If you look at them close-up, you'll notice the dots. At a coaster distance though, they look flawless. To be more precise, they're 600dpi. 

My Instagrams, round?

Yes! We think coasters are best in their native format. They display your images in a refreshing new light. If you'd prefer square, check out our friends over at Instathis or Coastergram.