Photo coasters and designer coasters


Every coaster has a story. At Coastermatic, we help people like you turn their memorable experiences into cherished possessions and gifts. We do this by printing your photos onto premium, American printed, ceramic coasters and delivering them to your door. Recently, we added designer coasters the mix. These sets incorporate an exciting range of illustrations to our coaster catalog.

Our Story

Coastermatic began as a collaboration between two great friends who met at grad school: Tash Wong and Tom Harman. In February 2012, they founded the company to pursue their interest in combining home objects + tech, and to fulfill the requirements of the $1,000 project. What started as the final for the Entrepreneurial Design course at SVA IxD turned into a passion for bringing photography into people’s homes in a unique way.

In 2018, Tash passed the torch to Megan Torres who continues to build Coastermatic as our Chief Coaster Officer. Megan headed coaster operations for two years before catching a case of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and is now diving in to raise Coastermatic as her own.

The Team

Megan Torres, Chief Coaster Officer

Tash WongTom Harman

Tabatha Theard, Hannah Fuller, Samantha Lau, Victoria RomuloJessa Clark, Leia Sefkin, Sarah Illingworth


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