Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

Welcome to Gift Guide week! 

This week, Dec 14 - 18, we'll be releasing some gift guides that going beyond just Coastermatic, that are catered to the same focus groups we blogged about last week for Inspiration Week: Pet Lovers, For Mom, Your Best Guy, The Foodie, and Travelers. Stay tuned on PinterestInstagram and Facebook to catch them all! 

Do you remember our Pet Coasters post from Inspiration Week? 

Well, everyone remembers to get gifts for their family and friends, but don’t neglect the little guys – they want some love too! These gifts are perfect for the pet-obsessed, the pet lover, and the pet owner... Shop away!

For Pets Holiday Gift Guide



Charcoal Colored Dog Crate Bed Mat, Happy Paws Pet Shop, $39.95

Flamingo Designer Coaster Set, Coastermatic, $45

PortablePet PortaBottle Dog Travel Water Bottle, Puplife, $19.99

French bulldog shirt, Etsy, $20

Large Pin Dog Brush, Mungo&Maud, $30.30

ASPCA signature Authentic sneaker, Vans, $55

Hoopie Collar, Ruffwear, $19.95

'Eat Sleep Pet Cats Repeat' Unisex Sweater, AnimalHearted, $39.95

Foobler Puzzle Time Feeder/Toy , Cynjo, $29.99

Everyday Collection Leaping Dog Cuddle Toy, Pup Life, $18.99

Custom Coaster Set, Coastermatic, $29 for 2, $49 for 4

Floats My Boat Buoy Dog Toy, Waggo, $15


Coastermatic Holiday Press

We might be an online store, but our coasters are getting mentioned on REAL PAPER. 

Draft Magazine: 

Coastermatic Coasters in DRAFT Holiday Guide 2015  Coastermatic Coasters in DRAFT Magazine

New York Times Magazine: 

 Coastermatic Coasters in New York Times Magazine Gift Guide 2015  Coastermatic Coasters in New York Times Magazine Gift Guide 2015

Grab a copy of these publications and find your favorite coasters amongst some other fantastic holiday products! We're super excited to be in such awesome features and to get our Coastermatic coasters in front of more eyes.

We're also getting mentioned in a handful of other online outlets, check out a few here: 

Elvis Duran #WhatsTrending Gift Guide
- Pawsitive Living
- White

Cheers to more absorbent coasters on more tables!

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Grand-dog Christmas Coasters

Jess Laine is an SF based blogger, designer, and painter. A little while ago she ordered her first Coastermatic set, and loved them so much she decided to get a set as a Christmas present for her parents.

Yesterday, I went over Jess’s house to talk to her about the set she was making and how she decided what photos to use.

“My parents love Lois, my french bulldog. They send her cards and presents all the time. Making coasters of their favorite grand-dog makes perfect sense,” Jess said.

Like many dog lovers, Jess has a lot of Lois photos. Choosing just 4 can make for a particularly daunting task. To help with her selection, Jess decided to pick a theme for her set.

“I have so many photos of Lois, I’m focusing on ‘Lois at the Beach’ as a theme to keep things organized. She loves it there and Ocean Beach is beautiful. In the future, I’ll probably make a ‘Lois in bed’ set, ‘Lois with Jess’ set, and maybe a set of ‘Lois on the sofa’.”

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Take Jess’s lead: decide on a theme and start your set!

Coasters for Dad

Phil is a friend of mine who works at Cafe Sophie. We see each other a few times a week, when I head to the cafe for a change of scene (I work from home).

Phil at Cafe Sophie

For Christmas, Phil decided to make set of coasters for his dad, so I hung out with my camera earlier this week to talk to him about it and snap these photos.

Tash: Why do you want to make coasters for your dad?

Phil: I think it’d be hilarious for him to put his gin on my face.

Phil picking images from Instagram

Tash: Lol, tell me about the photos you’re picking out.

Phil: Well, these are all photos of me and my family over the last couple of years. My sisters and I are all growing up, and have reached a new stage in our relationships - we’re friends now, not just annoying siblings. I want my set to reflect that.

There’s a photo of my sister and I before heading out to a Christmas party a year or so ago, and for me, that’s the beginning of this new phase. Other photos I picked are from a family trip to Europe we took recently, and the last one is from my 21st birthday weekend - my parents came to SF and we went to Hardly Strictly, a bluegrass festival. It was a great time.

Tash: Sounds like some great moments to keep on the table! Thanks for sharing. 

Phil's Coastermatic Set

Have any special moments you’d like to share? Start a set with memories from your Instagram account.

Holiday Shipping!

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December 10 - International
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December 18 - $6 shipping
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