2015 Collection Release: Darling Doodles + Vintage Fireworks + Stripes of Sunshine

Three more designs that will be available to order on Coastermatic.com on September 8th (only three weeks from now)! We can’t wait so here’s some more teasers for this awesome group of 12 designs!

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Our first set of coasters to debut today are Coastermatic classic, with soft geometric patterns that take the idea of your weekly meeting doodle to a whole new level. Featuring various grid paper and line based illustrations by Liz Tan, these black and white coasters are modern but super playful.

Meeting notes was actually released earlier this year, and if you just can’t wait to throw them all over your office, like us, you can buy them here.
But wait, “Meeting Notes 1”? Where’s number 2? 
Better stay tuned to find out.

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These radial coasters send our heads spinning. Inspired by vintage patterns, these are a modern revamp on a timeless classic. Great for sprucing up your entertaining arsenal before your new years party, these coasters are festive, but are also versatile enough to keep using throughout the year!  

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These yellow stripes are youthful but elegant and we just want to put them everywhere! They bring sunshine into any room, breakfast nook, or porch picnic and we are excited to provide more simple Coastermatic options for that picky minimalist in your life.

There you go! These three awesome designs plus last weeks three make six – thats half of our release! Join our email list before the official release date, September 8th, to see what Coastermatic is up to, see the other new designs, and get a chance to score some awesome deals! 

Stay tuned!

Vintage Japanese Maps + Coasters = Awesomeness

Christopher Cannon is the senior designer at Bloomberg Visual Data, where he helps to create interactive data visualization products and infographics. His skill for design is clear from this incredible set of coasters, which feature snaps of vintage Japanese maps.

CM: What are your coasters about?

CC: They're scans from an early 1960s Japanese atlas that I bought from a street vendor recently. I've always loved maps and globes and have a nice collection of them. This atlas caught my eye not only because of the rarity of finding one in a non-Latin alphabet, but also because of the beautiful, vibrant color palette it uses. I love traveling and these coasters inspire me to see more of the world.

Did you find Coastermatic easy to use? Would you use it again?

CC: It was super easy to use! I'm already planning my next set.

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Vintage Beer Coasters: Fun Facts!

We thought we'd indulge in a little throwback this Thursday and share some fun facts about coasters past.

Did you know paper-pulp beer coasters were originally patented by Robert Smith of Dresden, Germany in 1892? Smith wanted to create something disposable that would absorb condensation and spillage from a glass of beer. As time went on the advertising potential of these humble 'bar mats' was recognized, and they evolved into the mini-billboards we're so familiar with today.

Check out these great shots of vintage beer coasters from Coltera's Flickr stream.

According to All About Beer, the word 'coaster' has its origins in an old school, wagon-like device barkeeps used to use to ferry beverages to customers along a bar. The so-called 'coaster' was prone to accidents and spills however, and fell out of popularity.

Fun as a mini-wagon that transports beer sounds, we're fans of the stationary, absorbent version of the coaster. Feeling inspired? Why not create your own.