Make a set for your sweetheart

Valentines Day is right around the corner, how awesome would it be to have a coaster set that is all about you and your boo?

Making a set for that special someone is easy! Start by having a think through all of the places, moments, and things that mean something to you both. For my guy, I picked out the photos above: Us looking out over Wellington, NZ; the fantastic view we had from a trip to Hawaii; a shot of Falling Water - the first road trip we went on; and finally our first breakfast together.

Now, with your list great moments in hand (or in your head) - Start a set on and pick out a few photos from your Instagram feed. Hit Add to cart, and boom! Now you have the best Valentines Day present ever.

Uh oh! Are you running late with your V-Day planning?
Don't worry, take a screen shot of your set before you hit Add to Cart and pop it into a card.

Need some help thinking through fun moments together?  
Here’s a list to get your brain firing:

  • Where you first met
  • An inside joke
  • Where you had your first date
  • The first time you said “I love you”
  • Your first place together 
  • That night you had way too much fun
  • A tropical destination you visited
  • A favorite dinner spot
  • Kisses
  • Flowers he got you
  • A plastic crocodile you got him

Have fun, and think: on February 14th, and every day after, you’ll both get to relive fun moments together every time you need a coaster. Share those moments with us on Instagram by tagging your pics with #coastermatic!