Collection Giveaways on Instagram!

Coastermatic giveaways are one of our favorite ways to share our favorite coasters with you, our wonderful coaster community. Naturally, with the 2015 Collection release, we are back at it!

Victoria, outreach assistant and Instagram aficionado, is at the helm for this round of giveaways, and her positive quirkiness is making it one of the most fun yet. 

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Check us out on Instagram every Wednesday, for a new theme and chance to win your own set! Last week we gave away Donuts, this week we're continuing with Poolside, and this is just the beginning.

It's easy, free, and fun, come join us!

Didn't win any coasters? Don't fret! You can still pick up your own set of designer coasters here.

Big Coastermatic Changes

This summer has a been a big season for change here at Coastermatic. Tom and I finished grad school, moved to Hawaii, launched a new version of the site, and have started to get our heads around what it takes to actually run a company full time. 

It's also been a time of very necessary reflection. Through that reflection, we've decided that it's best for Tom to step away from Coastermatic and assume an advisory role. I'll let Tom explain more:


Dear Coastermers,

Thank you. Thank you for everything. You have made my time working day-to-day on Coastermatic one of the most rewarding experiences in my life to date. I'm incredibly proud of what we've achieved, and know that none of this would've happened without the support and encouragement we get from receiving your orders and emails. Through this journey I've learned more than I could've imagined about launching a product, growing a business and grounding everything in strong design principles.

Incase you were wondering, Tash and I are still great friends. She is super talented and I know will continue to grow Coastermatic from strength to strength. Please reach out and tell her the same if you think so too.

While the decision to leave was extremely difficult there was one huge factor influencing my choice, Immigration. As a British citizen, my current work visa expires in March 2014. We had hoped the Startup Visa Immigration Act would've passed by now, but this is still a long way off. Without this complicated and risky situation, Coastermatic is in a much better position to go far.

I'm really excited to continue exploring how the way we live online translates into our real-world interactions. If this is something you're interested in too, feel free to keep an eye on my personal site.




While the transition into running Coastermatic on my own will undoubtedly have a few bumps, I'm really excited about where Coastermatic can go. 

Thanks so much for your support this far!

USPS & Coastermatic

We're big fans of USPS Priority Mail here at Coastermatic. Their flat rate boxes have made our lives much easier when it comes to getting coasters across the world. Since our coasters are manufactured and printed in the USA, it only seems right to support our postal system too. And we like the redesign!

Two big things rolled out in the new last month, both of which involve USPS.

USPS + Coastermatic: Flat rate shipping

1. We added a shopping cart!

In the previous edition of Coastermatic, we could only do 1 set of coasters at a time, so shipping was fairly simple - 1 small USPS flat rate box. Now, however, we can send you MORE coasters. We've decided to stick with using the priority mail flat rate boxes, which means that our shipping rates now look like this:

1 $6 $20 $24
2 - 6 $11 $41 $60
7 - 12 $15 $54 $80

Buying more than 12 sets? You are amazing! If you're in the USA we'll ship to you for free! Everywhere else, get in touch with us and we'll figure out the best way to get your coasters to you. 


2. Shipment tracking numbers! We can send them!

Now, whenever you place an order, you'll get a USPS tracking number in your shipment confirmation email. This was a heavily requested feature, and we're really happy that we've rolled it out. It might take a couple of days for the link to activate, as the labels are made before the coasters, but once they're sent to the post office you'll be able to see them coming!

Unfortunately, for our international customers, USPS only provides tracking within the USA. We working on alternative shipping options, but the weight of the coasters makes this a little pricey.


What are you up to now? I think you should probably test our our new shipping system, and start your set.

Introducing On Coastermatic, our amazing new blog

Margaritas from Nita Nita

Here's to a week of announcements!

On Tuesday we told you about our new site, and today we're unleashing a new direction for the blog. Over the last year, Anna, our wonderful lead copywriter, has been pulling together stories of amazing photographers, fun products, and artists from all over the web. Starting today, we'll begin to add stories on, what we call, Coaster Living to the mix.

Coaster Living is how we think about coasters and coaster-related topics here in Coasterica (Coastermatic HQ). Each week we'll supply you with exciting news from our office, as well as tips and tricks that will make entertaining at home a lot more fun. Whether it's a new twist on a classic cocktail, something fun to talk about, or a simple way to capture an event, On Coastermatic's got you covered.

From here on out, you can look forward to regular posts about:

  • Tasty drinks to sit on top of your coasters
  • Mobile photography tips and inspiration, to help you capture all of those perfect moments
  • Decorating and conversational tricks that will make evenings memorable for years to come

We think there's a lot of fun to be had sipping cocktails in the summer breeze, and hopefully you do too.


Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest On Coastermatic.

Coastermatic: new and improved!

Coastermatic: Your instagrams in stone coasters

It's been a little while since we updated you with the comings and goings here at Coasterica (Coastermatic HQ). Since wrapping up grad school and moving to beautiful Lanikai, we've been hard at work making all the improvements to that we've been dreaming of since last summer.

We've got a whole new website and blog!  

After some research and deliberation, we decided to integrate with Shopify. This gives us a bunch of handy new features, like this blog, but the most exciting is a new shopping cart backed with all of the security and support the team at Shopify provides. 

The new cart means you can now can create as many coaster sets as you like, and order as many as your heart desires - all in one sitting. This definitely beats the old version of the site, where we could only handle a single set at a time. Thanks to everyone who let us know this feature was on their wish list!

We've also taken some time to spruce up our home page and the way you pick your coaster images. now opens up with a nice big photo of one of our favorite sets here in Coasterica (Coastermatic HQ), links to some of the press that have been nice enough to write about us, AND features some amazing photos of #coastermatic sets from Instagram.

Last but not least is our image selection page. The UI nerds in us decided it was time simplify. We moved the selection tray to the top of the page and combined it with our frame cropping feature. So, instead of going to a whole new page to crop out frames, you can do it with one easy click. The new layout makes selecting coasters easier on the eye for our mobile visitors too.

Feel like giving the new site a spin? Go on and start your set