Oh Sh!t, I have to make it now. Stories of Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur.

Oh Sh!t, I have to make it now. Stories of Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur, is a 40 minute talk I delivered recently at TypoSF, a typography and design conference here in San Francisco.

If you, or anyone you know, is curious about creative entrepreneurship, where Coastermatic comes from, or the highs and lows of getting coasters out into the world, check it out! Let me know what you think too. 

Don't have time to watch the whole talk? Ricky Holtz wrote a fantastic blog post that hits all of the major points. 

Big thanks to the team at Typo for inviting me to speak!

x tash

Coasterstory Update

After a topsy turvy year, I’m back as the full time Chief Coaster Officer. It’s been about 6 weeks since the switch and it’s FANTASTIC. Thanks to everyone who’s commented/liked my posts on Instagram on Facebook, it’s fun to be back.

As some of you know, Coastermatic started as a grad school project I put together with Tom Harman. We had a lot of fun working together in early days, Jeffrey Zeldman even interviewed us.

A lot has happened in the couple of years since. Last year, Tom left to pursue a different set of challenges, and is now doing work that he loves with Project Florida in New York. I continued to work on Coastermatic from Hawaii, then moved to SF for love. It was a crazy time, and since then I’ve had to decide what to do with Coastermatic: Do I make it my full time thing? A hobby? Do I stop entirely?

Not knowing which road to chose, I tried all of them. Last holiday season I started to rebrand and redesign the site, while also putting together Coastermatic Collections. All of which was far too much for 1 person to pull off. Burnt out and at the end of my financial reserves, Coastermatic went on auto-pilot for most of 2014. During that time, I gave a talk on conversational frameworks, and worked with The Feast on a tool to bring together members of their community online. It was great to have a break from Coastermatic to explore new ideas, working environments and challenges.

Through it all, I realized that Coastermatic is the project I want to work on more than anything else. It’s fun and fulfilling. I can directly see the results of everything I do - I’m responsible for when things go badly, and when they go well. I love making something that helps people keep their favorite memories & ideas close and I love the opportunity that it gives me to connect with and work with others. It’s entirely different than any other job I’ve had.

Now, I get to spend every day working to make Coastermatic a little more awesome.

Big projects I'm working on are:

  • A new website!!
  • Holiday season ideas
  • Putting new energy into the newsletter, blog, FB, and IG streams up and running

While Coastermatic is largely a solo endeavor, it’s not without the support of many others. David Bellona and my parents have offered unconditional support since the beginning. Over the summer, Sarah Illingworth resuscitated the blog, Jessa Clark did the same for the Instagram feed, and Leia Sefkin made life a lot easier with some new order processing codez. There’s also no way I’d be here with out the Successcalators, or my coaches Patrice Perillo and Charlie Gilkey

#coasterthanks to everyone!

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