Our top five beer cocktails

All this sunshine's been making us thirsty! And when we're thirsty we research refreshing beverages to help with that, which is how we ended up discovering these five delicious spins on an old classic. Beer.

*You may have tried a Michelada, but you haven't tried THIS Michelada.

*The Weissen Sour, basically a whisky sour made with beer. Seriously.

*The Black Velvet: who would've thought sparkling wine and Guinness would complement each other so magnificently. (Make it with cider and you have the Poor Man's Black Velvet).

*Um, Beergaritas… possibly beating out the Weissen Sour for best liquor + beer combination.

*Last but not least, it turns out subbing blood orange juice for lemonade makes for a pretty great version of a shandy.

Pro-tip: Make that beer cocktail even more satisfying by serving it on a custom-made Coastermatic coaster.

Our Favorite Summer Cocktails

When that summer heat starts beating down there's nothing for it but to concoct a refreshing cocktail. These are some of our favorites.

This Watermelon-Tequila cocktail from Food & Wine combines watermelon, tequila, blueberries, mint and fresh lime juice (aka SOME OF THE MOST DELICIOUS THINGS) in one refreshing, easy to make cocktail.

This frozen Dark & Stormy by Esquire is dangerously good, and again, way too easy to make.

And what would summer be without a great go-to sangria recipe up your sleeve? This Cucumber Sangria from Better Homes & Gardens puts a refreshing twist on the classic drink.

How could these delicious beverages make any more of a splash you ask? Served on Coastermatic coasters, of course. Start a set!

Coasters of Summer by Sean Tice

Today we're featuring a set of coasters made by Sean Tice.

Brooklyn Slate and Coastermatic

Sean Tice's Instagram Coasters

photo stone coasters

CM: Thanks so much for sharing your coasters with us! What a wonderful way to hold on to the summer. Can you tell us a little about the photos you chose?

ST: Sure! I run a company called Brooklyn Slate, which manufactures slate cheese boards and coasters for restaurants and entertaining at home. The business keeps us really busy through the summer, so my girlfriend and partner Kristy and I usually tie in a little vacation time to any business trips we take. These photos are from those trips. This year we were fortunate to spend time in Vermont and Montauk, NY.

CM: Wonderful, who's the dog on the beach? 

ST: That's Garp, our English Labrador Retriever and company mascot. He loves playing fetch, so we hit the beach early that day to maximize play time.

Have you got some amazing sets of the summer too? Don't let them slip away, get them on stone coasters.