Free shipping & New prices

First of all, thank you so much for your support over the last 3 years. It is because of you that we’ve had the incredible opportunity to help you  make coasters from your favorite Instagram moments and memories. To ensure that we’re around for many more years to come we’ve decided to update our prices.

Beginning May 1st, our Instagram coasters will increase to $50 for a set of 4, while our packaged sets will move to $45. We are also introducing free shipping for all of our coasters shipped within the USA, and a reduced shipping rate policy for those shipped internationally.

Why the increase? We want to include you in our reasoning - we’re increasing our prices to reflect the quality of craftsmanship and USA based sourcing you’ve come to expect from Coastermatic. Our coasters are durable, the prints won’t fade, and on top of that they are magically absorbent. Wine spill? No issue for our coasters.

Thank you so much and we hope you keep coasterin’ and building memories that will last you forever!

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News: Price Increase, $6 shipping here to stay

Happy New Year!!
I'm back from #coasterbreak, and so is our manufacturer. I went on a wonderful trip to New Zealand to visit with friends and family, and our manufacturer went through some big changes over the same period. Big thanks to everyone for being patient over the last couple of weeks. Now that everything is settling down on the production front, we'll be back to normal coaster turn around times this week.

Price Increase
There are lots of new things in store for 2015, and the first thing is a price increase. The big changes I mentioned with our manufacturer unfortunately mean that they've had to raise their prices for the first time since Coastermatic started. Working with a USA based manufacturer is something that's really important to Coastermatic's vision, and the fact that they make coasters of an exceptional quality means we'll be working with them as we move into the future. 

So what does this mean for you? It means Coastermatic sets will rise from $25 to $28 on Feb 1, 2015. We'll also be updating our wholesale pricing. If you'd like to learn more about wholesale, just drop me a line,

$6 Shipping
No one likes to pay for shipping, its a fact of life, but our coasters are fairly heavy, since they're ceramic and not plastic. To try and make peace with this, over the holiday period we trialled $6 flat rate shipping for all US orders. It's as close to free as we can go, and it also simplifies the process for you. No matter how many sets of coasters you buy, we shipped them all to you for $6, easy.

The trail went really well, so $6 shipping is here to stay. Go test it out by ordering 2 sets ;).

Other New Things
I'm excited about 2015 and all of the improvements we'll get to work on over the next 12 months. One of the biggest things to start chipping away at is adding drag and drop to the website. I know a few of you have done some odd hacks to get around posting things to your Instagram account, and it's much appreciated! By summer time though, that'll all be in the past.

Be sure to check the blog for updates on all the various things I'll be working on. 

Holiday Shipping!

Want to make sure you get those coasters ordered in time for Christmas Eve?
Of course you do! It takes a few days to make your coasters and get them in the post, so remember to get your order in by one of the following dates:

December 10 - International
For all orders out of the USA. We ship USPS, and they say it takes 6-10 business days for things going to Canada, and up to 14 days for International destinations.

December 18 - $6 shipping
Get your order in by 12pm EST on December 18 to take advantage of our $6 shipping on all US orders.

We'll be taking a little break after December 18th, to make sure everyone's holiday orders are fulfilled and to do some tidying up around the warehouse. We'll be back online and processing your orders the first week of January. 

USPS & Coastermatic

We're big fans of USPS Priority Mail here at Coastermatic. Their flat rate boxes have made our lives much easier when it comes to getting coasters across the world. Since our coasters are manufactured and printed in the USA, it only seems right to support our postal system too. And we like the redesign!

Two big things rolled out in the new last month, both of which involve USPS.

USPS + Coastermatic: Flat rate shipping

1. We added a shopping cart!

In the previous edition of Coastermatic, we could only do 1 set of coasters at a time, so shipping was fairly simple - 1 small USPS flat rate box. Now, however, we can send you MORE coasters. We've decided to stick with using the priority mail flat rate boxes, which means that our shipping rates now look like this:

1 $6 $20 $24
2 - 6 $11 $41 $60
7 - 12 $15 $54 $80

Buying more than 12 sets? You are amazing! If you're in the USA we'll ship to you for free! Everywhere else, get in touch with us and we'll figure out the best way to get your coasters to you. 


2. Shipment tracking numbers! We can send them!

Now, whenever you place an order, you'll get a USPS tracking number in your shipment confirmation email. This was a heavily requested feature, and we're really happy that we've rolled it out. It might take a couple of days for the link to activate, as the labels are made before the coasters, but once they're sent to the post office you'll be able to see them coming!

Unfortunately, for our international customers, USPS only provides tracking within the USA. We working on alternative shipping options, but the weight of the coasters makes this a little pricey.


What are you up to now? I think you should probably test our our new shipping system, and start your set.