Rob Nero's parents loved these personalized gifts

Rob Nero is a San Francisco-based interaction designer, who likes to make and tinker. He made a set of Coastermatic coasters for both his mom and dad, lovingly personalized for each.

CM: How did you hear about Coastermatic?

RN: I heard of Coastermatic directly from one of the cofounders, Tash Wong. She gave a great presentation at a design conference and mentioned it. The site has been so easy and fun to use, I’ve been a little addicted to giving sets as gifts!

CM: Can you tell us a bit about the images on your coasters?

RN: The story behind my coasters starts just after Mother’s Day, and before Father’s Day. I might have not sent anything to Mom (but of course called!) and was just starting to think of what to send Dad. What do you get parents that already have everything? Coasters! I made a set for them both, carefully collecting images I thought each would like. Mom is always asking me to send her photos of things I’m doing, so the coasters picturing me were for her: me at the White House, me with Gramps, me at a café, and the Mt Davidson Cross in SF. For Dad, I chose places he’s traveled and where he spends time: sunrise over the backyard, the Painted Ladies in SF (where he’ll visit soon), Mt Hood behind Portland, and a boat cruise we all took together in Oregon.

CM: How did your folks react to the coasters?

RN: My parents love the coasters! They have them sprinkled throughout the house. When I mention it to friends, most of them are surprised you can print on coasters. My mind is now spinning on coaster ideas for Christmas presents!

He's right! Custom coasters make fun, unique gifts! And they're also fun to make...

Family Photos are the Focus of this Great Set

Family photos are the focus of this Coastermatic collection. Jason made a set each for his mom and grandmom for Mother's Day and they were a big hit.

CM: Any stories to recount related to the images you used?

JR: I recently moved from Toronto, Canada to be with my wife who lives in Hawaii. We met last August in San Francisco and got married two months later. She has children, I have a dog. I wanted to remind my mother and grandmother that all is good and we are very happy. These photos were taken this past Easter.

CM: How did they respond to the coasters?

JR: They both thought the coasters were unique and a conversation starter. I could have chosen artwork or a different theme, but since they are photos of us that is where the conversation will most likely start. What are these? How did you get there photo on the coaster? That sort of thing.

We love that Coastermatic is being used to create personalised gifts! Why not create a set for someone you love?