#tbt Wong Family Coasters

Family Instagram Coasters

It’s Thursday, so I thought I’d share a throwback family set I made a little while ago.

Back in April, my mom and I decided it’d be a good idea to get all of the family photos scanned. My parents live in Hawaii, and the humidity can do a number on old photos. So, we packaged everything up and sent our 2000 odd family photo archive to ScanCafe.

ScanCafe scanned, cropped, and touched up all of our images, which was pretty cool. They post everything online so you can pick the images you want to keep before they put everything on DVDs and send them back. The whole process took 4 weeks or so and cost $800.

The time and cost were totally worth it - I have 3 sisters, and we’re scattered across the globe. Now that our family photos are digitized and hosted on PictureLife, where we can all see and share them whenever we want.

And, I can make coasters out of them! For this set, picked 2 paired sister photos (back when we were small and cute), 1 full family photo, as well as 1 of the 4 of us girls.


Got a pile of old photos hiding in a box? Get them out and make them useful :).

Coasters for Dad

Phil is a friend of mine who works at Cafe Sophie. We see each other a few times a week, when I head to the cafe for a change of scene (I work from home).

Phil at Cafe Sophie

For Christmas, Phil decided to make set of coasters for his dad, so I hung out with my camera earlier this week to talk to him about it and snap these photos.

Tash: Why do you want to make coasters for your dad?

Phil: I think it’d be hilarious for him to put his gin on my face.

Phil picking images from Instagram

Tash: Lol, tell me about the photos you’re picking out.

Phil: Well, these are all photos of me and my family over the last couple of years. My sisters and I are all growing up, and have reached a new stage in our relationships - we’re friends now, not just annoying siblings. I want my set to reflect that.

There’s a photo of my sister and I before heading out to a Christmas party a year or so ago, and for me, that’s the beginning of this new phase. Other photos I picked are from a family trip to Europe we took recently, and the last one is from my 21st birthday weekend - my parents came to SF and we went to Hardly Strictly, a bluegrass festival. It was a great time.

Tash: Sounds like some great moments to keep on the table! Thanks for sharing. 

Phil's Coastermatic Set

Have any special moments you’d like to share? Start a set with memories from your Instagram account.

Capture fun family moments!

Liz Kreuger captures fun family moments with this great set.

CM: What's the story behind the images on your coasters?

LK: Children grow up so fast, each year faster than the last. Making memories and enjoying each moment is why I made these coasters of my kids and husband. I love making coasters as gifts for grandparents, aunts and uncles. They LOVE them!

Don't leave your family photos trapped on your computer or phone, bring them into the real world via coasters.

Create coasters featuring the face you love most!

Laura Adams lives in the desert of Southern California, and is great-grandma to this cutie!

CM: Who is the little person on your coasters?

LA: This is my great-grandson, and my son's grandson, Pierson. My son is crazy about this little guy. The coasters came out beautifully.

Pic info: 1) He fell asleep exhausted on grandpa. 2) His aunt is an Arizona State student. 3) His first "lemon" taste. 4) At grandpa's playing after daycare with his new chair and "jooce."

CM: How have friends responded to your coasters?

LA: They love the idea and want to know how I did it!

Coasters make great mementos, featuring the faces you love most. Create your own set!

Memories make great gifts!

Stephanie Fleming created this set for her dad as a Father's Day present. She was looking for something unique and personal, and Coastermatic worked perfectly.

CM: What’s the story behind the images on your coasters?

SF: I ordered these coasters for my dad as a Father’s Day present. They are photos of the places we have been and the adventures that we have had together, from traveling to Ireland and Scotland, to going to Fenway Park. My favorite coaster is the one of my dad and I at the beach when I was younger.

CM: How did your dad respond to the coasters?

SF: He loved them! He said it was the most thoughtful gift he has ever received. I've also bought them for friends and they've raved about them. I will definitely be ordering more!


Custom coasters are a great way to share memories. Start a set!