Wine around the world by Kate Agarwal

The very clever Kate Agarwal combines graphic imagery with her favorite travel pics in this unique set.

CM: This is a really great idea! Was it a fun process, designing your coasters?

KA: The actual process of making the coasters was fun because I knew from the beginning I wanted to use photos from our travels. I liked the idea of having them as a conversation piece about where we’ve been and our favorite places.

CM: What's the compass graphic about?

KA: The idea behind the wine bottle+compass is combining two of my favorite things: traveling and drinking! I chose four photos taken from trips in four different locations. More specifically, these photos were taken: north (Napa), south (Vegas), east (Paris) and west (Tokyo) of where we are in San Francisco. Once I realized how many of our travel photos include drinks, I knew I wanted to play off of that in the compass illustration.

Got an image you'd like to immortalize… on coasters? Go on, start a set!