Coastermatic in the wild

We love to see Coastermatic coasters out in the world, here's a round up of some of our recent favorites.
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 shows off a sweet set of illustrated coasters along with an IPA from @nodabrewing.

 recovers from jetlag with the help of some Starbucks and coasters from her mom.

 created a set of nicholasforker's awesome drawings.

 uses Coastermatic to show off some of his favorite photos made with VSCO

 Feeling inspired? Why not make a set of your own?

Discovering SF, Coasters by Prachi Pundeer

Prachi Pundeer is our guest photographer for #coasterstories over on Instagram this month. Back in 2012 she made her first Coastermatic set. Recently, we asked her about the adventures behind her set.

These coasters are gorgeous! Tell us a little bit about them.

All of these photos were taken my first time in San Francisco. I had moved from New York City for the summer to do an internship as a designer at Facebook. It was an exciting time! I had just completed my first year of grad school, and moved into a warehouse in the Mission District.

When I got to SF, I didn't know anyone in the city. It forced me to be a lot more social, and I also spent a lot of time walking around and exploring. These photos were all taken during those explorations.

Now that I live in SF, my coasters remind me of being new to the city and how fascinating it was to explore the hills and experience so much nature in the city. It's certainly a contrast to New York.

Where do you use your coasters?

I use them all the time, my roommate and I are tea-aholics! We keep two of my coasters in the living room, along with two of hers. The other two are usually in my room, but I'll likely take one into work soon.

Around the same time I made this set, I made another, similar set. I gave that set as a gift to the warehouse I lived in that summer.

About Prachi
Prachi Pundeer hails from India and is an avid traveler who likes to tell her stories through photographs. When she’s not snapping her surroundings, she is an Experience Designer at Yahoo where she explores the future of communication tools. She lives in San Francisco.


#Coasterstories with Prachi Pundeer

Storytelling is something we do everyday, whether it’s posting a memorable moment to Instagram, adding our favorite pins to a Pinterest board or chatting with friends over coffee. We share our moments and stories to help us make sense of the world, and to feel a part of something bigger. These stories are the bond we build between our past and our future.

Photo Stories
With this in mind, we’re introducing Coaster Stories. A monthly photo project for all of us to experiment in storytelling around a particular theme.

Each month we’ll announce a Coaster Story theme and accompanying Pinterest board on the blog and through the newsletter. On Pinterest, we’ll have lots inspiration and photo tips to help you along the way. On Instagram, we’ll post a #coasterstories photo each week. To wrap everything up, we’ll post our favorite photos and everyone who’s participated on the blog.

For April, we’re Celebrating Spring and all the renewal it inspires. Our guest photographer this month is Prachi Pundeer. She’ll be taking over the Coastermatic Instagram feed with her weekly celebrations of spring.

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More on Prachi

Prachi hails from India and is an avid traveler who likes to tell her stories through photographs. When she’s not snapping her surroundings, she is an Experience Designer at Yahoo where she explores the future of communication tools. She lives in San Francisco.

Make a set for your sweetheart

Valentines Day is right around the corner, how awesome would it be to have a coaster set that is all about you and your boo?

Making a set for that special someone is easy! Start by having a think through all of the places, moments, and things that mean something to you both. For my guy, I picked out the photos above: Us looking out over Wellington, NZ; the fantastic view we had from a trip to Hawaii; a shot of Falling Water - the first road trip we went on; and finally our first breakfast together.

Now, with your list great moments in hand (or in your head) - Start a set on and pick out a few photos from your Instagram feed. Hit Add to cart, and boom! Now you have the best Valentines Day present ever.

Uh oh! Are you running late with your V-Day planning?
Don't worry, take a screen shot of your set before you hit Add to Cart and pop it into a card.

Need some help thinking through fun moments together?  
Here’s a list to get your brain firing:

  • Where you first met
  • An inside joke
  • Where you had your first date
  • The first time you said “I love you”
  • Your first place together 
  • That night you had way too much fun
  • A tropical destination you visited
  • A favorite dinner spot
  • Kisses
  • Flowers he got you
  • A plastic crocodile you got him

Have fun, and think: on February 14th, and every day after, you’ll both get to relive fun moments together every time you need a coaster. Share those moments with us on Instagram by tagging your pics with #coastermatic!



Making a travel set!

Since we’ve been on the topic of set themes for the last few blog posts (Throwback family coasters, Lois at the beach, Phil's coasters), I thought I’d add another one to the mix: Travel coasters.

Have you been on a trip to an exciting place recently? Went to visit friends and had a great time? Cruised around with some elephants somewhere? All of those moments can come together to make a coaster set to remember your trip by (or a great gift for someone you stayed with)

Here’s a set I made recently:

These are all photos taken the summer of 2013, when Coasterica was located in Hawaii, and Tom was still par to of the team. It was a great summer - We sat out by the pool, went to the beach, visited Waikiki, and also worked on Coastermatic through a transitional time.

Now I’ve got this set on my coffee table, and when I look at any of those coasters I get to remember what an interesting, challenging, and wonderful summer it was.

Got some travel memories you want to relive?
Did you go on a trip with someone special?
Make a set of those moments now.