Collection Giveaways on Instagram!

Coastermatic giveaways are one of our favorite ways to share our favorite coasters with you, our wonderful coaster community. Naturally, with the 2015 Collection release, we are back at it!

Victoria, outreach assistant and Instagram aficionado, is at the helm for this round of giveaways, and her positive quirkiness is making it one of the most fun yet. 

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Check us out on Instagram every Wednesday, for a new theme and chance to win your own set! Last week we gave away Donuts, this week we're continuing with Poolside, and this is just the beginning.

It's easy, free, and fun, come join us!

Didn't win any coasters? Don't fret! You can still pick up your own set of designer coasters here.

December’s Theme: #coastergiving

If November was about being thankful, this month is about giving and gifting! To celebrate, I’m giving away 1 set of coasters every day from now until December 18th - our deadline for US Christmas shipping.

Here’s how to win:

  1. Take a photo of your Coastermatic coasters doing their thing
  2. Post it to Instagram or Facebook
  3. Tag a friend you know would love Coastermatic
  4. Hashtag it with #coastermatic (so I can find it :)

Whether you bought a set 2 years ago or yesterday, come join in the fun!
Don’t have a set? Order some now.