Collection Giveaways on Instagram!

Coastermatic giveaways are one of our favorite ways to share our favorite coasters with you, our wonderful coaster community. Naturally, with the 2015 Collection release, we are back at it!

Victoria, outreach assistant and Instagram aficionado, is at the helm for this round of giveaways, and her positive quirkiness is making it one of the most fun yet. 

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Check us out on Instagram every Wednesday, for a new theme and chance to win your own set! Last week we gave away Donuts, this week we're continuing with Poolside, and this is just the beginning.

It's easy, free, and fun, come join us!

Didn't win any coasters? Don't fret! You can still pick up your own set of designer coasters here.

Keep Dinner Parties Easy with these Pro Tips

Organizing a dinner party can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Here are our top tips for how to host and still enjoy the fun!


Cleaning, shopping, cooking… do it all the day-of and you'll be exhausted before the first guest arrives. Throw yourself a bone and spread the prep over the days prior. If your work schedule is tight, look into using a grocery delivery service, or pick things like dessert up pre-made.

Involve everyone in the action

Involving guests in the cooking can add to a party atmosphere, so don't be afraid to throw them an apron. Many chefs in the kitchen can sometimes work a treat! Alternatively, tasking different guests with different aspects of the night works too. Just make sure you put someone who's punctual in charge of the starters. A room full of people with nothing to snack on is no fun!

Keep it simple

Unless you're a fan of a kitchen challenge, there's no need to overcomplicate the menu. Choosing pasta dishes that can be cooked en masse, salads and make-your-own pizzas will allow you to minimize cooking time, and keep your costs down.


Of course, we happen to think Coastermatic coasters are the real life of the party. Create your own set of conversation-starters here.



Sam Christie captures great memories

This set of coasters by Sam Christie captures some great memories. He tells the tales here!

CM: Any stories to recount behind the images you used?

SC: I was in a band from grade school to high school and parts of college called Counterfeit Pennies. We played a festival called Bamboozle in 2007 and put out a few EPs. This was the first t-shirt we ever made, with the original spelling of Counterfit. If you want to relive our glory days check out

The sandcastle picture is one I had built to propose to my fiancée. It's figures of Belle and Adam (the beast) from Beauty and the Beast. We were living in San Diego at the time and this was at a hiking spot called Torrey Pines. I had the castle built so you could see it at one of the hiking lookouts over the beach, it was about 6ft tall and "Marry Me Jess?" was written really huge in the sand near the castle so she could see it.

I bought a small guitar from Toys"R"Us, told her I was giving her guitar lessons at the lookout, then played the song from The Wedding Singer for her ('I Wanna Grow Old With You'). Then I took her to the spot where she could see it in the sand and proposed. We filmed the whole thing as well, it was pretty epic.

CM: How have friends responded to your coasters?

SC: They love them! It's a very unique (and affordable) way to share memories in a creative way.


Coastermatic coasters are a great way to capture memories. Choose your favorite Instagrams and create your own set!

Family Photos are the Focus of this Great Set

Family photos are the focus of this Coastermatic collection. Jason made a set each for his mom and grandmom for Mother's Day and they were a big hit.

CM: Any stories to recount related to the images you used?

JR: I recently moved from Toronto, Canada to be with my wife who lives in Hawaii. We met last August in San Francisco and got married two months later. She has children, I have a dog. I wanted to remind my mother and grandmother that all is good and we are very happy. These photos were taken this past Easter.

CM: How did they respond to the coasters?

JR: They both thought the coasters were unique and a conversation starter. I could have chosen artwork or a different theme, but since they are photos of us that is where the conversation will most likely start. What are these? How did you get there photo on the coaster? That sort of thing.

We love that Coastermatic is being used to create personalised gifts! Why not create a set for someone you love?

These Summer Smoothies are Delicious

Summer is finally upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, and we're excited to trade in the hot chocolate for lush, chilled smoothies.

Which we like to sit on Coastermatic coasters of course! Here are some of our favorite recipes:

This Superfood Smoothie by Kate Wilson Nutrition (above, left)

This Celery and Watermelon Crush by Health Yeah (above, right)

Or any one of these three-ingredient smoothies from Buzzfeed

Now you've made that delicious smoothie, why not create some coasters for it to sit on? Click here to start a set!