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Coastermatic giveaways are one of our favorite ways to share our favorite coasters with you, our wonderful coaster community. Naturally, with the 2015 Collection release, we are back at it!

Victoria, outreach assistant and Instagram aficionado, is at the helm for this round of giveaways, and her positive quirkiness is making it one of the most fun yet. 

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Check us out on Instagram every Wednesday, for a new theme and chance to win your own set! Last week we gave away Donuts, this week we're continuing with Poolside, and this is just the beginning.

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2015 Collection Release: Sugary Sweet + Darling Doodles (take two!) + Flamingos Back For More

Wait… Are we already ¾ of the way to our big 2015 release?! Woah. Okay well lets get started then!

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If you’re a true Coastermatic fan you’ve already seen these unforgettable coasters, but since they are officially part of the 2015 collection we thought we just HAD to post them again. This set of beautifully watercolored donuts was created and designed by April V. Walters, and is the perfect, playful partner to your morning coffee.


Can’t resist your craving for these delectables? You can get your hands on them already, here.

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You saw our first set of Meeting Notes just last week, and we didn’t want to leave you hanging. Featuring various grid paper and line based illustrations by Liz Tan, these are just like our other set of doodles but with different patterns that are just as pleasing to the eye but might just be a little more attractive, depending on the brain.


Fun Style Recommendation: Looking to buy more than one set of coasters? Don’t just buy two of the same set, pair Meeting Notes 1 and 2 for an awesome combo for nights when there are more than four glasses around the table.

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Unlike our first set of flamingos that we debuted our first week, these guys are just way too cool for school. This flock of fabulous birds is paired with trendy hibiscus flowers as well, but their navy background makes them the sleekest way to carry summer vibes with you year round.

Hey look! It's Chief Coaster Officer, Tash Wong!

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That concludes our post of revamped favorites for this week! There are only two more weeks until everything is finally available on our virtual shelves!


2015 Collection Release: Darling Doodles + Vintage Fireworks + Stripes of Sunshine

Three more designs that will be available to order on on September 8th (only three weeks from now)! We can’t wait so here’s some more teasers for this awesome group of 12 designs!

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Our first set of coasters to debut today are Coastermatic classic, with soft geometric patterns that take the idea of your weekly meeting doodle to a whole new level. Featuring various grid paper and line based illustrations by Liz Tan, these black and white coasters are modern but super playful.

Meeting notes was actually released earlier this year, and if you just can’t wait to throw them all over your office, like us, you can buy them here.
But wait, “Meeting Notes 1”? Where’s number 2? 
Better stay tuned to find out.

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These radial coasters send our heads spinning. Inspired by vintage patterns, these are a modern revamp on a timeless classic. Great for sprucing up your entertaining arsenal before your new years party, these coasters are festive, but are also versatile enough to keep using throughout the year!  

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These yellow stripes are youthful but elegant and we just want to put them everywhere! They bring sunshine into any room, breakfast nook, or porch picnic and we are excited to provide more simple Coastermatic options for that picky minimalist in your life.

There you go! These three awesome designs plus last weeks three make six – thats half of our release! Join our email list before the official release date, September 8th, to see what Coastermatic is up to, see the other new designs, and get a chance to score some awesome deals! 

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Introducing the 2015 Collection!

We are so excited to announce that we will be releasing TWELVE new sets of designer coasters on September 8th. There are so many beautiful designs in this collection – it’s going to be a struggle for us to only preview them only a few at a time… but let the countdown begin!

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The first set of coasters for our 2015 Collection are the perfect addition to your bright minimalist look. Still your favorite Coastermatic ceramic, these “Poolside” coasters are designed by David Bellona and bring style to any coffee, picnic, or kitchen table with their eye-catching off-center stripes on a classic bright white background.

These cheery and elegant coasters are the perfect gift for your favorite summer hostess or could brightening up a dull space year round!

Our second set of coasters are perfect for that best friend. Or that more-than-friends friend. Or for yourself as a because-you-deserve-it gift, because you do, you really do.
These coasters with their soft blue and simple bird outlines go with just about anything, and will spruce up your living room before you can even say “absorbent ceramic.”

These flocks are one of our favorite and most versatile sets in the collection. The hues of blue featured on our coasters are both pleasing to the eye and also featured in multiple seasons by Pantone in their color predictions for the upcoming year – pleasant but also trendy? Can’t ask for more than that.

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Our third set features long-legged pink feathered friends that look like they stepped right of the runway! While perfectly on trend with the tropical-vibes that are everywhere right now, they also carry two classic images that never go out of style. Use these punchy flamingo coasters year round to bring color to any season, or save them for summer to soak up the condensation from your most refreshing drinks.

These are only three out of twelve designer sets that we are debuting for our 2015 collection. Like what you see? We have more designs like these, as well as other stylish additions that make this our most versatile and exciting release yet! Don’t forget that these will be hitting our virtual shelves on September 8th!

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The 2015 Collection is in the works!

Last week we signed on with American Design Club take Coastermatic to a few amazing trade shows this summer! We'll be at the Las Vegas Market and at NY Now in August. 

To get ready, we're creating a new line of packaged sets that will be available in stores and online in the fall. A couple of them you've seen already: April Walter's Donut set, and Liz Tan's Meeting Notes, but there are many more to come.

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