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School is back in session! First year students at my alma mater, SVA IxD (more formally the MFA Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts) got a special treat to welcome them. Christine Aaron, Assistant to the Chair and all round amazing person, hand lettered everyone their own personal coaster. 


SVA IxD Coastermatic coasters



MFA Interaction Design stone coasters

Christine was kind enough to share a little of her process with us:

"I created these playful custom coasters for each of our incoming students to help welcome them to the MFA Interaction Design department during orientation week.

Christine Aaron hand lettering

First, I sketched each student's name, and scanned the drawings in. Relying heavily on Adobe Illustrator, I initially began tracing all of the lines with the 'Pen' tool in Adobe Illustrator, and soon realized that we could preserve more of the original hand of the drawings (and save time!) by instead tweaking settings with the 'Image Trace' tool, which interprets raster images into vector. The vibrant colors are pulled from the MFA Interaction Design department's identity."



Hand illustrated absorbent stone coasters

Thanks Christine! They turned out beautifully, those first years sure are lucky.

Want to make extra special coasters too? Just drop us a line!

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