A Favorite Set by @taylorlynn

Each month we feature one of our favorite customer sets. We love coasters that capture an especially cute moment, a beautiful scene, or those that get creative in unexpected ways. The creator of our selected set receives a gift code for a new set of Coastermatic coasters, including US shipping.

This month's featured set is by @taylorlynn!

Instagram Coasterset by @taylorlynn

Tom featured Taylor's set last week on our Instagram account for National Roller Coaster Day, and it got me thinking about the seasonal transition we're about to got through. Ferris wheels to remind us of all the fun of summer, then some leaves and a sunset to get us looking forward to autumn. Lovely set Taylor!

Want to be in to win?
Just take a fabulous photo of your coasters and tag it with #coastermatic on Instagram. Featured sets receive a gift code for a free Coastermatic set of 4 coasters. Make more Instagram coasters yourself, or send them to a friend!

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