A fantasy dinner party with our favorite foodie Instagrammers

One of our favorite topics here in Coasterica is dinner-time conversation. The part of the day dedicated to sharing stories and ideas, with friends and family, new and old.

Inspired by all the amazing food photography on Instagram we thought we'd put together a dinner party inspired fantasy set. These four coasters represent an evening we'd love to attend, and the Instagrammers we think would make the best guests.

And now, the stories behind the photographers and their recipes:

Camille Styles

Based in Austin, TX

With Camille's talents for event design and culinary creativity she'd surely be a fantastic dinner guest. We think this appetizer of Crostini with ricotta, grilled peaches, prosciutto, honey would be a delicious way to start the meal.

Jeanine Donofrio

Based in Austin, TX

This colorful bean salad looks like the perfect dish for a summers evening. Although with Jeanine's love of seasonal food she'd know the perfect entrée for the time of year.

Aran Goyoaga

Based in Seattle, WA

After writing a book called Small Plates & Sweet Treats, we're sure that whatever Aran decided to bring would go down a treat but this dessert with freshly picked blueberries would make the best ending to this tasty evening. And with Aran's Basque Country influence, I'm sure she'd bring a fresh culinary perspective to the conversation.

Jen Gotch

Based in Los Angeles, CA

All we need now is something to drink, and this classic Gin & Tonic would make the perfect refreshing drink to toast with. At least, we assume the tonic is just out of the shot :) Jen's ethereal photography style would also be sure to document the evening with a blissfully dreamy feeling.

So that's it, what a wonderful evening! At least we imagine it would be. Know a great dinner guest we should feature? Let us on Twitter or Instagram.

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