Tom's Hawaiian Holiday

This week I've been sailing the Coastermatic ship alone. Tom's spent a well deserved few days exploring the best of Oahu. Since he's away, I thought I'd be nice and pick out a few photos he could turn into a set.

So, if I was @tomharman, and I wanted to create a set to remember this holiday, I'd use these 4 photos. I think having a reminder of tropical paradise on the table once winter rolls around would be a really good thing.

Treehouse coaster

View from the Treehouse - Northshore

Vacation coasters: Waikiki

Ineffective signage - Waikiki

Turtle coaster

Honu & Hannah - North Shore

Royal Hawaiian instagram coaster

The Royal Hawaiian - Waikiki


Have you been on an amazing trip this summer?
Make a set of coasters to remind you of the good times!

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