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We're big fans of USPS Priority Mail here at Coastermatic. Their flat rate boxes have made our lives much easier when it comes to getting coasters across the world. Since our coasters are manufactured and printed in the USA, it only seems right to support our postal system too. And we like the redesign!

Two big things rolled out in the new last month, both of which involve USPS.

USPS + Coastermatic: Flat rate shipping

1. We added a shopping cart!

In the previous edition of Coastermatic, we could only do 1 set of coasters at a time, so shipping was fairly simple - 1 small USPS flat rate box. Now, however, we can send you MORE coasters. We've decided to stick with using the priority mail flat rate boxes, which means that our shipping rates now look like this:

1 $6 $20 $24
2 - 6 $11 $41 $60
7 - 12 $15 $54 $80

Buying more than 12 sets? You are amazing! If you're in the USA we'll ship to you for free! Everywhere else, get in touch with us and we'll figure out the best way to get your coasters to you. 


2. Shipment tracking numbers! We can send them!

Now, whenever you place an order, you'll get a USPS tracking number in your shipment confirmation email. This was a heavily requested feature, and we're really happy that we've rolled it out. It might take a couple of days for the link to activate, as the labels are made before the coasters, but once they're sent to the post office you'll be able to see them coming!

Unfortunately, for our international customers, USPS only provides tracking within the USA. We working on alternative shipping options, but the weight of the coasters makes this a little pricey.


What are you up to now? I think you should probably test our our new shipping system, and start your set.

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