Beermats in the rearview

Ever wonder about the history of coasters? Everything comes from somewhere, and our Coastermatic coaster roots can be found in the humble beermat.

Coasters and beermats

Photo Credit: Tr1xx

You'll find beermats in pretty much every bar you visit. They're used to protect table surfaces and to absorb the beer that gets slopped all over the place. The first cardboard beermats were introduced in 1880, by Friedrich Horn a German printing company, with wood pulp mats appearing on the scene in 1892. Wood pulp is what beer mats are made from today.

Quickly after their invention, breweries and advertisers began to use them as an easy way to communicate directly with consumers. Not surprisingly, this continues today, making beermat advertising one of the oldest forms of advertising, up there with the billboard and the poster.

Here at Coastermatic, we're working to start a new branch of coaster lineage. Our attention is focused at home, not on ads or in bars. We believe the things we own and keep close to us should be more expressive of who we are. We built Coastermatic with this in mind and to help you make your favorite spaces a little more unique, by putting your stories on the table. Literally.


What story will your coasters tell? Think about it, then start your set.


Historical references: Wikipedia and Coaster Factory

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