Coastermatic: new and improved!

Coastermatic: Your instagrams in stone coasters

It's been a little while since we updated you with the comings and goings here at Coasterica (Coastermatic HQ). Since wrapping up grad school and moving to beautiful Lanikai, we've been hard at work making all the improvements to that we've been dreaming of since last summer.

We've got a whole new website and blog!  

After some research and deliberation, we decided to integrate with Shopify. This gives us a bunch of handy new features, like this blog, but the most exciting is a new shopping cart backed with all of the security and support the team at Shopify provides. 

The new cart means you can now can create as many coaster sets as you like, and order as many as your heart desires - all in one sitting. This definitely beats the old version of the site, where we could only handle a single set at a time. Thanks to everyone who let us know this feature was on their wish list!

We've also taken some time to spruce up our home page and the way you pick your coaster images. now opens up with a nice big photo of one of our favorite sets here in Coasterica (Coastermatic HQ), links to some of the press that have been nice enough to write about us, AND features some amazing photos of #coastermatic sets from Instagram.

Last but not least is our image selection page. The UI nerds in us decided it was time simplify. We moved the selection tray to the top of the page and combined it with our frame cropping feature. So, instead of going to a whole new page to crop out frames, you can do it with one easy click. The new layout makes selecting coasters easier on the eye for our mobile visitors too.

Feel like giving the new site a spin? Go on and start your set

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