INSPIRATION WEEK: Day 3: Fun for Foodies!

Gift Inspiration

Welcome to day three of Inspiration Week! Each day this week, Dec 7 - 11, we'll be featuring new Coastermatic gift ideas to help inspire you this holiday season. Follow us on Instagram, and be in to win a pair of photo coasters

Today we'll focus on:


Designer Coasters: Coasters are an obvious win for your friends who love their food and drink because of all the image options but also because of their functionality! Their abosrbancy is so impressive – they really are the best coasters around, and with a dash of creativity they'll have your dining room table sizzlin'. 

Coastermatic is really just a bunch of people who love to eat and drink and be merry who wanted to make the best possible coasters to do that with. Because of this, many of our designer coaster sets are food themed... Take a look at some of our favorites! 

Coffee Themed Coasters  Donut Coasters

donut coasters  Hot Dog Macaroni Coasters


Like the look of these? Shop the designer coasters collections for your favorite food in your life. 

Custom Coasters: 

Our customers are some of the most creative people we know, check out some food focused highlights of Coastermatic Coasters around the globe! 

Food CoastersCoffee CoastersFood Coasters

Start a set of photo coasters now to make your own set!

We especially love these "Wine Around the World" Coasters that Kate Argarwal made using our photo upload feature. She overlaid a compass insignia on top of her images, how cool! 

Wine Coasters

Coasters from Coastermatic are a gift that you know your friends will definitely love and that they will also use!! Head over to our main site to start browsing now. 

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