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Last week, our Chief Coaster Officer,Tash Wong, spoke at "Best / Worst", an series of the ‘best worst’ ideas or projects by creative entrepreneurs.

Tash Wong of Coastermatic speaking at Best / Worst

Lets talk about success. 

Have you ever had an idea that you thought would blow 'em out of the water, and then it just didn't? Turns out the professionals do too. 

It was a night at Social Print Studio in SOMA about completed work that was "not as popular as imagined, a proposal that didn’t get chosen, or something that a designer was proud of that nevertheless failed." Tash spoke about her own experiences with failure, but with the confidence from the success of Coastermatic

Have you seen some of other the other talks that Tash has done? Check out one of our favorites, "Oh Sh!t, I Have to Make It Now. Stories of Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur." 


Interested in bringing coasters into your business? Read out the Disqus and Coastermatic partnership that changed their business environment and help them expand their values. 

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