Team Profile: Victoria

Meet one of the members of the Coastermatic Team! 

Victoria Romulo (@victoriaromulo)

Location: Chesapeake, VA

Favorite Designer Set: Scaffold by David Bellona

Best Drink on a Coastermatic Coaster: Coffee Oreo Milkshakes! (but normally it's just water...)

Favorite work spot: Any large table that I can spread out all my things on!!

A little more about Victoria: 

Victoria Romulo is a second year student studying chemical engineering at Northeastern University in Boston. She was born in Manila, Philippines, but she and her family currently live in Chesapeake, VA. When she’s not doing lab reports and problem sets, you can most likely find Victoria walking around Boston taking AMAZING pictures (check out her Instagram @victoriaromulo!) or finishing her roommate’s food at the dining hall.
She absolutely loves working with the coolest people on the planet and loves bragging about how absorbent her coasters are.

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