Team Profile: Hannah

Meet one of the members of the Coastermatic Team! 

Hannah Fuller (@fullofhannah)


Location: Portland, OR

Favorite Designer Set: Succulents by Sarah Adams

Best Drink on a Coastermatic Coaster: Raspberry Lemonade! 

Favorite work spot: Bundled up on the front porch with a good cup of tea

A little more about Hannah: 

Hannah Fuller is one of our Coastermatic outreach assistants and works for the team from Portland, OR, but is currently attending Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Hannah loves plants and politics and spends most of her free time dancing (her most common phrase is "I can't, I have dance"). Before joining the Coastermatic team she worked as head of PR for her school's student assembly and doing lab work for the Plant Protection Program at Portland State University.
She's loving everything she's learning at Coastermatic! 

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