2015 Collection Release: Sweet Succulents + Jumping Geometry + Tailored Lines

Only one more week until our 2015 Collection release and our packaged sets selection more than doubles in size! We LOVE these last three sets so we’re ending our previews with a bang! 

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These botanical beauties with watercolor artwork by Sarah Adams are one of our favorite sets in the collection (but we don’t pick favorites, shhh). Trendy, but they have no season, these glorious works of art are almost too beautiful for a coaster… but then again, who could say no to these on their table?


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Our second set of coasters today rolls with our favorite geometric look but adds eye catching 3D in patterns that are unlike any other that have ever graced your table in coaster form. These coasters are perfect for your "mathy," engineering, design side, and their 3D look on our absorbent ceramic practically pops right up off the table to grab all that nasty condensation.


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There is nothing more timeless than black and white. These stripes take office coffee drinking to the next level but continue to stay with the Coastermatic standard of bringing you classic looks with high quality materials. Long story short? We love them and we think you will too.


No more secrets! Today is our final day of teasers, and next week any and all of our 2015 release can be yours just by one simple visit to Coastermatic.com!

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