Introducing the 2015 Collection!

We are so excited to announce that we will be releasing TWELVE new sets of designer coasters on September 8th. There are so many beautiful designs in this collection – it’s going to be a struggle for us to only preview them only a few at a time… but let the countdown begin!

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The first set of coasters for our 2015 Collection are the perfect addition to your bright minimalist look. Still your favorite Coastermatic ceramic, these “Poolside” coasters are designed by David Bellona and bring style to any coffee, picnic, or kitchen table with their eye-catching off-center stripes on a classic bright white background.

These cheery and elegant coasters are the perfect gift for your favorite summer hostess or could brightening up a dull space year round!

Our second set of coasters are perfect for that best friend. Or that more-than-friends friend. Or for yourself as a because-you-deserve-it gift, because you do, you really do.
These coasters with their soft blue and simple bird outlines go with just about anything, and will spruce up your living room before you can even say “absorbent ceramic.”

These flocks are one of our favorite and most versatile sets in the collection. The hues of blue featured on our coasters are both pleasing to the eye and also featured in multiple seasons by Pantone in their color predictions for the upcoming year – pleasant but also trendy? Can’t ask for more than that.

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Our third set features long-legged pink feathered friends that look like they stepped right of the runway! While perfectly on trend with the tropical-vibes that are everywhere right now, they also carry two classic images that never go out of style. Use these punchy flamingo coasters year round to bring color to any season, or save them for summer to soak up the condensation from your most refreshing drinks.

These are only three out of twelve designer sets that we are debuting for our 2015 collection. Like what you see? We have more designs like these, as well as other stylish additions that make this our most versatile and exciting release yet! Don’t forget that these will be hitting our virtual shelves on September 8th!

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