April #coasterstories with Prachi Pundeer

April #coasterstories with Prachi Pundeer

#coasterstories got off to a great start with Celebrating Spring on Instagram this month!

Here’s a wrap up of some of our favorite photos. Big thanks to everyone who joined in, including @amy_lesser, and Prachi, our resident photographer.


Have some spring photos of your own? Why not make a set of coasters with them? 

Coaster Stories is monthly photo project for all of us to experiment in storytelling around a particular theme. Each month we announce a theme and accompanying Pinterest board on the blog and through the newsletter. May’s theme will be announced next week, so stay tuned!

Prachi Pundeer
Prachi hails from India and is an avid traveler who likes to tell her stories through photographs. When she’s not snapping her surroundings, she is an Experience Designer at Yahoo where she explores the future of communication tools. She lives in San Francisco.

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