Making a travel set!

Since we’ve been on the topic of set themes for the last few blog posts (Throwback family coasters, Lois at the beach, Phil's coasters), I thought I’d add another one to the mix: Travel coasters.

Have you been on a trip to an exciting place recently? Went to visit friends and had a great time? Cruised around with some elephants somewhere? All of those moments can come together to make a coaster set to remember your trip by (or a great gift for someone you stayed with)

Here’s a set I made recently:

These are all photos taken the summer of 2013, when Coasterica was located in Hawaii, and Tom was still par to of the team. It was a great summer - We sat out by the pool, went to the beach, visited Waikiki, and also worked on Coastermatic through a transitional time.

Now I’ve got this set on my coffee table, and when I look at any of those coasters I get to remember what an interesting, challenging, and wonderful summer it was.

Got some travel memories you want to relive?
Did you go on a trip with someone special?
Make a set of those moments now.

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