Coasters for Dad

Phil is a friend of mine who works at Cafe Sophie. We see each other a few times a week, when I head to the cafe for a change of scene (I work from home).

Phil at Cafe Sophie

For Christmas, Phil decided to make set of coasters for his dad, so I hung out with my camera earlier this week to talk to him about it and snap these photos.

Tash: Why do you want to make coasters for your dad?

Phil: I think it’d be hilarious for him to put his gin on my face.

Phil picking images from Instagram

Tash: Lol, tell me about the photos you’re picking out.

Phil: Well, these are all photos of me and my family over the last couple of years. My sisters and I are all growing up, and have reached a new stage in our relationships - we’re friends now, not just annoying siblings. I want my set to reflect that.

There’s a photo of my sister and I before heading out to a Christmas party a year or so ago, and for me, that’s the beginning of this new phase. Other photos I picked are from a family trip to Europe we took recently, and the last one is from my 21st birthday weekend - my parents came to SF and we went to Hardly Strictly, a bluegrass festival. It was a great time.

Tash: Sounds like some great moments to keep on the table! Thanks for sharing. 

Phil's Coastermatic Set

Have any special moments you’d like to share? Start a set with memories from your Instagram account.

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