We love these coasters from Memphis!

Jessie Walker is a Memphis-based non-profit consultant, who loves coasters! And we love what she does with them. Read on for the tales behind her pics.

CM: How did you find out about Coastermatic?

JW: I'm pretty sure I found Coastermatic by googling "cool things to do with Instagram pics" and voila, coasters! I ordered a set and fell in love with the smooth stone texture, and I love that even though I'm not a photographer, my pics turn out so special!

CM: What's the story behind the images on your coasters?

JW: One of my absolute favorite places in Memphis is the Memphis Farmers Market - a weekly occurrence and community-gathering place which I DO NOT miss unless I'm traveling. What could beat friendly farmers, fresh food, lively music, and the prettiest flowers? I snap a few quick pics every time I'm there, and I couldn't resist putting these bright scenes for something I'll see around the house and office every single day.

My favorite coaster is graffiti just around the corner from the Market, telling me to "Invest in good times". What better motto than that? It's on my desk at work, so when I'm stressed, I'll take a look and remind myself that good times are near :)

CM: How have friends responded to your coasters?

JW: My friends love them! I've given several as gifts because I think they're so unique. I love sharing some of my favorite pics and places with people. Bridal showers, birthdays, just because... I love making someone's day with something so distinctive and special!


We love hearing stories like these! Capture some of your favorite images on coasters here.

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