Take your best photos yet with these fun tools

As smartphone technology improves the job of the amateur photographer becomes easier and easier - and more fun. These are our top five camera accessories for smartphones, from our buddies at Photojojo. They'll help you take the best photos possible, so that your Coastermatic coasters look even better too!

The Photojojo Lens Set includes a pro-quality Fisheye, Super Fisheye, Telephoto, Wide Angle, Macro and Polarizing cellphone lens, all of which are compatible with iPhone and Android.

The Phone-o-Chrome full-spectrum color filter. This cutie fits in your wallet, and allows you to throw a filter on your photo before you take it. 

The Macro Cell Lens Band, a sturdy band with a built-in macro lens for incredibly detailed images. It works with any any mobile phone!

The Une Bobine, a super-bendy phone cable and tripod in one.

Of course, you could always cut straight to the chase and purchase Photojojo's awesome Phoneography Starter Kit. The kit includes a Wide/Macro lens, a Phone-o-chrome Phone filter, a full scholarship to Photojojo University and a pouch to hold it all.


Now you have your tools in order, get Instagramming so you have plenty of great shots to use for your next set of coasters!

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