Coaster Inception with Shawn Schmieding

Digital Media Director Shawn Schmieding opted to use photos of murals from the Bay Area as the subject of this set. Art as art, is art. Into it.

CM: How did you find out about Coastermatic?

SS: My friend Dave turned me on to Coastermatic almost a year ago. I was on the verge of a few orders in the past but never felt I had the perfect collection of images wanted to use. This past week I finished building a new coffee table made of white oak and suddenly new coasters became a very pressing need in my life.

CM: What are the images on your coasters?

SS: I wanted my coasters to have a theme. I played with numerous outdoor shots on my Instagram but kept coming back to photos I had of various murals I had taken pictures of between San Francisco and Oakland. These shots had the most color and really were just the most interesting. Plus they added a certain cool quality to my coasters that simple shots of the ocean and mountains did not.

Coastermatic coasters are an affordable, fun way to personalize a space. Create a set!

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