A very Special Set by Phillip Hess

New Yorker Phillip Hess planned a special trip to Maine with his grandparents, then made his grandma a set of coasters using images from the trip. The photos below were taken by his grandfather, Robert Sumner, who taught Phillip photography.

CM: How did you find out about Coastermatic?

PH: My friend had some out on his coffee table and so I asked about them.

CM: What's the story behind the images on your coasters?

PH: One morning I decided it would be really great to take a trip with just my grandparents. So I called them and suggested Bar Harbor, ME. Maine, specifically Mount Desert Island, is one of my grandparents' favorite places to visit and I had never really been (since the last time I was there with them was when I was about one). It seemed perfect for me to experience some place so beautiful for the first time with two people who knew it well, loved it greatly and had many stories to share from the places we'd visit.

We had an unforgettable trip and I wanted to give Grandma something that she could remember the trip by but that was also unique to our visit. Coastermatic seemed like a perfect choice. I picked four images (of the 1,700 I took) that I felt represented the trip best and ordered the coasters for her birthday. You can tell the one of Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse is her favorite by the stains from heavy use!

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