Vintage Japanese Maps + Coasters = Awesomeness

Christopher Cannon is the senior designer at Bloomberg Visual Data, where he helps to create interactive data visualization products and infographics. His skill for design is clear from this incredible set of coasters, which feature snaps of vintage Japanese maps.

CM: What are your coasters about?

CC: They're scans from an early 1960s Japanese atlas that I bought from a street vendor recently. I've always loved maps and globes and have a nice collection of them. This atlas caught my eye not only because of the rarity of finding one in a non-Latin alphabet, but also because of the beautiful, vibrant color palette it uses. I love traveling and these coasters inspire me to see more of the world.

Did you find Coastermatic easy to use? Would you use it again?

CC: It was super easy to use! I'm already planning my next set.

Got a unique idea for a set of coasters? Why not turn it to stone?

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