Canines on Coasters

Kacie Bill heard about Coastermatic through a TV show and ended up creating a set featuring her supercute Corgis as a Christmas gift. Look at these guys!

CM: How did you hear about Coastermatic?

KB: I saw Coastermatic on a TV show one day. It was about cool new products and I thought coasters would be great Xmas gifts! We love the coasters and our friends always make comments about them. We each picked a dog that we wanted to use! I even ordered a set for my mom with her pups on them.

CM: Who are the pups on the coasters?

KB: They are our Pembroke Welsh Corgis. First is Wallace, our 5 year-old. Then my mom's tri-colored Corgi Marley (6). Then our little girl Malibu, she is 7. The second photo is of all three of them playing at the beach - their favorite place to go!

Got some pups who'd look great on coasters? Go on, start a set!

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