Vintage Beer Coasters: Fun Facts!

We thought we'd indulge in a little throwback this Thursday and share some fun facts about coasters past.

Did you know paper-pulp beer coasters were originally patented by Robert Smith of Dresden, Germany in 1892? Smith wanted to create something disposable that would absorb condensation and spillage from a glass of beer. As time went on the advertising potential of these humble 'bar mats' was recognized, and they evolved into the mini-billboards we're so familiar with today.

Check out these great shots of vintage beer coasters from Coltera's Flickr stream.

According to All About Beer, the word 'coaster' has its origins in an old school, wagon-like device barkeeps used to use to ferry beverages to customers along a bar. The so-called 'coaster' was prone to accidents and spills however, and fell out of popularity.

Fun as a mini-wagon that transports beer sounds, we're fans of the stationary, absorbent version of the coaster. Feeling inspired? Why not create your own.

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