Plot your escape with these (amazing) Travel Blogs

Indulge in a little armchair travel - and plot your next escape - with these amazing travel blogs. We love them for their great photography, which of course we can't help but imagine on a set of coasters…

Classe Touriste is the blog of journalist Debbie Pappyn and photographer David De Vleeschauwer. Debbie also recently launched the One Day One Photo blog, which sees her post one photo every day she travels. Both Debbie and David are excellent photographers and boy do they get to some great places!

Lost in Cheeseland is the blog of Philadelphia to Paris transplant Lindsey Tramuta. As well as being one of the best-named blogs ever, Cheeseland is a fun collection of stories and images from Lindsey's travels and life in France.

Making a strong case for the joys of slow travel and living simply, the Harteau family document their life on the road at With their daughter Colette, Emily and Adam left California a year and a half ago in their VW Westfalia (pictured above) and haven't looked back.

Now you've teased your itchy feet, why not scratch them a little by turning some of your favorite travel Instagrams into tangible mementos: coasters. Go on, start a set!

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