Sam Christie captures great memories

This set of coasters by Sam Christie captures some great memories. He tells the tales here!

CM: Any stories to recount behind the images you used?

SC: I was in a band from grade school to high school and parts of college called Counterfeit Pennies. We played a festival called Bamboozle in 2007 and put out a few EPs. This was the first t-shirt we ever made, with the original spelling of Counterfit. If you want to relive our glory days check out

The sandcastle picture is one I had built to propose to my fiancée. It's figures of Belle and Adam (the beast) from Beauty and the Beast. We were living in San Diego at the time and this was at a hiking spot called Torrey Pines. I had the castle built so you could see it at one of the hiking lookouts over the beach, it was about 6ft tall and "Marry Me Jess?" was written really huge in the sand near the castle so she could see it.

I bought a small guitar from Toys"R"Us, told her I was giving her guitar lessons at the lookout, then played the song from The Wedding Singer for her ('I Wanna Grow Old With You'). Then I took her to the spot where she could see it in the sand and proposed. We filmed the whole thing as well, it was pretty epic.

CM: How have friends responded to your coasters?

SC: They love them! It's a very unique (and affordable) way to share memories in a creative way.


Coastermatic coasters are a great way to capture memories. Choose your favorite Instagrams and create your own set!

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