Shane Gilman has fun with coasters

Shane Gilman is a San Francisco-based commercial photographer, who loves using his Instagram photos to create unique gifts. These Coastermatic coasters featuring his girlfriend Deviné show just how fun coasters can be!

CM: How did you find Coastermatic?

SG: I found Coastermatic using Google. I was looking for Instagram gift ideas and these coasters are perfect! I just sent two sets to friends who recently celebrated a big birthday in San Francisco. They absolutely LOVED them!

CM: Who's the fun-looking person in the photo?

SG: She is my brilliant girlfriend, Deviné. We were shooting some headshots and this goofy shot is my favorite! We have many incarnations of this in our apartment. My favorite is this coaster, which sits on my desk.

Got some goofy pics you'd like to see on a coaster? Make a set!

PS: Check out Shane's cool Instagram magnets by Sticky9!

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Nancy says:

I have been the recipient of two (2) of Shane’s coasters and use them daily. They’re personal and make great conversational gifts.

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