Meet Leo and Teeny!

Seattle-based landscape architect Erika Matthias has found her cats Leo and Teeny to be a great conversation starter with this cute set.

CM: Who are these fantastic looking felines?

EM: Those are my two cats, Leo and Teeny. They are brother and sister, both cute and weird little beasts. Seattleites by birth, we moved to New York for 5 years and all just recently moved back. Those photos were in my apartment in NYC.

CM: How have people responded to the coasters?

EM: I'm getting my best friend a gift certificate for her birthday coming up because she loved the concept of her Instagrams as cocktail conversation. Which is probably why people like them in general, great conversation starters. I like that mine are pretty graphic and stand well on their own as compositions in the circle format.

Do you have pets you'd like to share a drink with? Design a set!

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